Sunday, June 22, 2008

We'll miss you!

On Friday morning Devin finished his last final for the Spring term. He has been working so hard and I am so proud of him. He's such a stud! He has a few days to take a break before classes start for the Summer term on Wednesday. Yesterday we went to Goats again and Devin did some surfing and spear fishing. Devin says he didn't see one fish!!! We went with Meg + Corbin and Dan + Jonna. After the beach we got lunch and ate at Jonna's and watched a movie. Last night we met up with Jared + Lexi and went to dinner at Haleiwa Joe's. Jared is back for graduation and Devin was really looking forward to seeing him. He leaves again on Tuesday and Lexi is going back to the mainland on July 1st. We are going to miss them both so much!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mohawk and Goat Island

On Saturday we went to Goats for Devin to surf with Corbin and Chris. I'm too scared to surf at Goats because of all the shark sightings that have been there. So, I chilled on the beach with Meg, Jackie, and Jonna. It was a perfect sunny day and we had alot of snacks to munch on. It felt so refreshing to swim in the water and it was so relaxing on the beach. On our way out of the parking lot, we saw that Jonna was waving us down from her car. She was frantic and we thought she was injured or something. A huge spider had crawled on her foot in her car, so Devin and Corbin got it out for her. It was so big and freaky!!! Also, I almost forgot to mention...DEVIN'S MOHAWK!!! He hasn't gotten in trouble or anything for violating the honor code at school, so that's a plus. I tease him about looking like MR. T alot, which has been entertaining. Lexi cut it for him and she did a great job of fading it.

Skating The Ramp

Saturday night we went to Jackie & Chris Kontoes' house for a barbeque and skating. Devin was tearing it up. Luckily, no injuries were sustained. However, I did leave a little sore. I took a fall and landed on my rear end. Let's just say it hurt to sit the next day in church. In the bottom picture the girls are sitting on the ramp. From L to R it's me, Jonna, Meg, Jackie, and Taylor. We had a good view of the boys skating from up there. After skating we watched the movie "Now & Then" which I love and think is absolutely hilarious. We made the boys watch it with us.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Good Life

We enjoyed yet another fun filled weekend in Hawaii. Yesterday Devin surfed with Brent at Goat Island while I surfed with Katie, Keri, Anna, and Lindsey at Castles. The waves were small, but fun. Devin and Brent met up with us at Castles and brought us lunch. Devin had a long and hard week of school, and desperately needed some down time. He is currently taking 14 units this spring term when the limit is 9 units. Needless to say, this weekend was just what he needed...relaxing and fun! Last night we ate Thai food with Brent & Katie in Haleiwa and got Haagen Dazs for dessert! Our new favorite flavor is Carmel Cone. It is delicious!

Monday, June 2, 2008

My insanely amazingly fantastic husband!

Devin will be so embarrassed when he sees this post, but I can't hold it in. I want to shout it from the rooftop, I LOVE DEVIN DICKSON! My husband is the best. He makes me so happy and he is such a blessing. We have so much fun together and we grow more united each day in our marriage. I am so excited to spend eternity with him, the man of my dreams. How did I get so lucky? I am so grateful to have him by my side and wake up next to him each morning. He has made me a better person and words can't fully express my gratitude. Devin, I love you. Marrying you was the best day of my life, I am so incredibly HAPPY to have you as my husband. Thank you for loving me and bringing so much joy to my life.

On The South Shore

Last Friday Becky and I went to Waikiki to surf since the North Shore was flat. While we were surfing Becky cut her foot on the reef and it was deep so we went to the lifeguard stand to get a bandaid. He cleaned it out for her and he was quite flirtatious with her as well. I don't think Becky minded the cut after that.
Crowded Waikiki Beach
We met up with Tawny and her cousin on Friday (after surfing) and went to Lunch and Cheeseburger in Paradise and then went to Jacka** Falls and the Pali lookout. Then went to her hotel in Waikiki and got ready for dinner. On Saturday we went to Pearl Harbor and then went surfing at Waikiki. Becky and I taught Tawny how to surf. She did really well, she's definitely a natural! After surfing Becky and I split from Tawny and her cousin and went to dinner and a movie with Devin and his friend from high school Dave. We saw the new Narnia movie.

Becky and I at Pearl Harbor