Friday, March 26, 2010


I haven't quite found a flavor of baby food that he loves. Colton has learned how to spit the baby food at me, I have to be careful for when he tries to be silly with me. This little guy is so much fun!

Recent Hangouts

The picture above and below are from our beach day with Jimmy and Ann-Marie Stewart. We had so much fun with them! We hadn't seen them since a few days after Colton was born so it was great to catch up with them, they're awesome! Jimmy and Devin caught some waves at Newport, and they trunked it in the freezing water! Crazy! Colton loves his beach tent!
The picture below is from our beach day with Tricia! Colton loves his Auntie Trish!
The picture below is from when Colton and I hung out with his cousins: Makayla (in the pic), James, and Aleena. We got some dip n' dots for James birthday, played some baseball in the backyard, jumped on the trampoline, and played video games. It was my first Halo X-box experience and James destroyed me!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Colton is basically the most smiley baby ever! His top 2 front teeth are coming in...I guess that means both of us are teething because my wisdom teeth were coming in and I had to get them pulled today. Devin said when I called him after I was hilarious all drugged up. "Going under" was the coolest thing ever. I was nervous at first, but it turned out fine. I'm sore but the drugs are helping.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

American Idol!

Natalie got 4 tickets to American Idol last Tuesday and we had quite the fun day! We went to the rehearsal and then to the taping. Afterwards we went to eat and saw 5 of the Idols there! We saw Andrew, Mike, Didi, Lee, and Sioban. They were all super nice, especially Andrew and Lee. I think Lee is my favorite. After dinner we went back to Kiki's boyfriend, Matty's place, and watched the show...we were laughing hysterically when we saw ourselves on camera. You see a ton of the back of my head as I clap and you see a little bit of me when Ryan came into the pit. That was probably the funniest part, you see me jumping up and down and waving to the camera, hahaha, and yes...I was the only one doing that. It looks pretty ridiculous, yes...I know. I did get serenaded by Aaron a little bit, and it was awkward...but the camera was right behind me so I think he was really just serenading all the women through the t.v.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Colton At 8 Months!

Our little guy turns 8 months old today. He is the biggest sweetheart in the world and he's full of smiles. He is VERY loud and talkative...I wonder who he gets it from. He is such a happy boy and sings to us all day long. He makes us laugh so much and is such a joy in our life.

Rest In Peace Grandma Betty Jo Fletcher

On the Left is Devin's Grandma Betty Jo Fletcher (at our wedding)
Devin and I at the funeral with Grandpa Fletcher
Grandma Fletcher passed away Monday February 22nd, 2010.
She was beautiful and kind.
She will be missed...
Until we meet again.

Disneyland/California Adventure!

My cousin Jessica works for Disney and was able to get us into both parks for free! Thank you so much Jessica! And thanks mom for watching Colton! We had so much fun...Kiki, Chanel, and Matty met up with us and we enjoyed the rides and some good treats with them. Of course I had to have a churro, I love Disneyland's churros! And we both had a Dole whip...yum! The best ride of the night had to be when we went on Tower of Terror with Matty. He is deathly afraid of heights and we tricked him into thinking the ride wouldn't be scary at all. It was hilarious and in the top picture of us on the ride you can tell that we are all laughing histerically at his reaction. Let's just say he was sweating bullets! And good news...Captain Eo is back! Soooo good!

Glassman Ski Trip!

For some reason I can't blog the pictures from a link my brother Devon sent me. But we had a great Glassman family ski trip at Park City and Sundance Utah. I only snowboarded one of the days and got to hang out with my friend Meg at her parent's Park City home one of the days since I needed to stay with Colton. We stayed in Provo near Devon and Whitney. We had so much fun having all the family together for the first time on a vacation with Cameron being home. It was Colton's first road trip and he did surprisingly well sleeping most of the time in the car. Whitney had a near finger break with a collision with the ski lift. We also celebrated my dad's birthday at PF Chang's. Happy Birthday Daddy! Thanks Mom and Dad for such a fun vacation!