Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Colton's first time fishing!

Devin took Colton fishing for the first time on February 9th.  Colton was beyond happy to bring home the two fish he caught.  Devin baked both the fish and they were delicious!


 Looking for some treats?

 While their dad's watched the Super Bowl, they cruised in the Powerwheels car.

Playing with Luke at the park. 

At the doctor's for a checkup. 

Sick day snuggles. 

I figure that the pictures I don't blog will end up lost in our computer forever.  To be safe, my blog will be my picture journal of our family.

Catching up on January!

 From one of our January beach days at Balboa Island.

Happy Sunday! 

 From our beach day at Salt Creek.

 A fun day at U Bounce.

 Helping grocery shop.

 The 3 pics above are from a day of fun when we went to Chuck-E-Cheese's and then went bowling.

 Fun with Chad at Sky High.

Dec. 29th-Jan. 16th

 Superhero Brekyn!

Playing with cousin Reese. 

With Devin on New Years Eve! 

 Colton reading to Brekyn.

 A hike up the mountain at Box Canyon park.

 Snuggles with Uncle Cameron.

Cooked some delicious chili! 

Colton trying to run me over on the ride home from the park.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Christmas Day!

 If teaching him to drive his Powerwheels car is any indication as to the stress level of teaching him to drive at 16, I think I'll let Devin handle that one!

Colton let me drive his plama car.  

My favorite gift was an ornament from Colton with this picture in the center. 

My mom made her Christmas morning traditional breakfast of chocolate waffles.   

 Reese sitting in Brekyn's doll stroller.

Christmas Eve Part 2

Before the kids went to bed, we all opened our matching pajamas from my parents.  

Santa's helpers, a.k.a. my brothers Cameron and Devon, helped Devin putting together the kids Christmas gifts.  We had a fun time in the garage!