Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Baby!

Reese Janice Glassman

Born on 12-11-11
Her stats:
7 lbs. 4 oz.
20 in.

Little Reese is by far one of the most cute newborns I have ever seen. Those cheeks are so adorable. I love Devon and Whitney so much and I am beyond excited for them and the birth of their precious girl. Devon is in law school at Ohio State and had to take his last final the day after she was born.
Congrats! See you guys in a couple weeks!

Devin turns 28!

Monday was Devin's 28th Birthday. He took the day off and we started the late morning by going to breakfast with the kids. We came home for some cake-yep, we don't do plates-straight from the cake pan! My mom babysat so we could have a dinner date.

I love Colton's wild chocolate smile in the last pic.

Dressed down

I love the picture with her eyes closed.

Dressed up!

She pooped about 5 minutes later as I loaded her in her carseat. She had poop from head to bow.