Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a Girl!

On Monday I had my 20 week ultrasound that confirmed we are having a GIRL! We are beyond excited for our new addition to arrive. My due date is May 2nd but they schedule C-Sections for a week before the due date. I'm still not feeling 100% but this pregnancy has been significantly easier by in large part due to the miracle drug-Zofran. (aka the happy pill) With my pregnancy with Colton I was too paranoid and stressed to take any nausea medicine. I suffered for so long and vomited so much that I lost over 8 pounds in the first trimester. It was a nightmare. This time around, after suffering for about a week and not being able to take care of Colton, I knew I needed to try something. I was desperate and emotional because I knew that it was going to last for a long time like my first pregnancy. My friend Stephanie offered me a few Zofran to try it out and hold me over until my prenatal appointment where I could get a prescription. It saved my life. For about a week I had been curled in bed, eyes shut, with a barf bucket at my side, hardly holding anything down. Within 3o minutes of taking the pill, I was opening my eyes and the nausea became bearable. My body was less tense and I could relax a little bit. I still felt sick, but it was at a bearable level. I could do the minimum of atleast feeding Colton and changing diapers. It was still very difficult and I felt so helpless. Most of all it was emotional and hard not to be able to give Colton the attention I wanted to. It broke my heart. The medicine was truly a blessing and it helped so much. It was much easier to get through the worst of it since I was able to hold food down most of the time. I vomited atleast 75% less with the medicine. I'm still waiting for my normal energy to return, last time it came back around 5 1/2 months so I imagine I only have a few more weeks. Pregnancy is rough for me. I strongly dislike being pregnant. I know the end result is amazing and I have to remember to think positive. I am so excited for this baby girl, and I already have a deep love for her. We have a couple names that we are thinking of. So far the top name is Ryley Jane. We'll see!

Girls Night

We had our annual girls night Christmas party. We ate at El Torito Grill and I indulged in a virgin peach margarita...delicious!

Happy Birthday Devin!

Devin's birthday was Sunday and we celebrated at his parents house. His family came to help us party and it was a great night. The green frosting was turning everyone's mouth green. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart husband. He continues to make me smile and make me feel so loved. He's an amazing father and husband and I am so blessed to have him as my man!

Happy Hanukkah!

We celebrated Hanukkah with my dad's side of the family a couple weekends ago. Unfortunately, we were missing a few cousins that were away at school.

Need a Tissue?

Colton found a full box of tissues and emptied the whole thing. He was throwing it in the air with excitement as if it were money.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We started off Thanksgiving at the Glassman house where my mom had prepared an entire Thanksgiving feast by herself...delicious! Then we went to the Dickson house for our Round 2 feast...yum! What a great Turkey Day!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Colton was Simba for Halloween. We even let him have a couple pieces of his Halloween candy. He loves licorice and dum dum suckers. We celebrated at the Dicksons with our traditional Halloween dinner of chilli dogs and had carmel apples for dessert.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bieber Fever!!!

A few weeks ago I went with a some cousins to the Justin Bieber concert at the Honda Center. I have never been in a crowd so loud with all those screaming girls...okay...maybe I was one of them. It was a lot of fun. My only complaint is that he lip syncs half of his songs. Sean Kingston opened for him and Jayden Smith performed with him. It was a fun concert! It definitely brought out my inner tween! Thanks for inviting me Kim!

Shakira! Shakira!

Amy invited me to join her for the Shakira concert at the Honda Center. She was absolutely incredible-her voice...flawless, her sexy! She made me leave feeling fat and pregnant. I was really impressed by her live performance. There was no lip syncing and she was so endearing. I love her new single "Loca"!

My Baby!

Colton is starting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy. Most of me wants him to stop growing. I love doing things that make him laugh. When I make our bed each morning it always turn's into playing hide-and-seek under pillows and around the bedsides. He giggles and screams and runs to a different spot when I find him. It is so adorable and entertaining. He has been speaking alot of jibberish lately and he has such a cute voice.

July Family Photos

It's taken me forever to post these. My cousin Amy took some great family photos. Colton was pretty cooperative for his age. I'm so grateful for eternal families.

Our 4 Year Anniversary!

August 26th was a very special anniversary. We were in Hawaii and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on the beach. I also took a pregnancy test that morning and it was positive.

Glassman Hawaii Vacation

Pali Jump (above)
Sandy's Beach (above & below)
Matsumoto's Shaved Ice (below)
Waimea (below)
Pali Jump (below)

My parents took the family (and Cameron's friend Dick) to Hawaii. Unfortunately, my brother Devon was starting law school so he and his wife Whitney weren't able to join us. We missed you guys! We had a lot of fun with the family and enjoyed hikes, snorkeling, and beach time! This was Colton's roughest flight got much more difficult since he was walking and not old enough for a mini dvd player to distract him. It was really hard on us and I think that age is the hardest to fly with! We got to see dear friends on the North Shore that we've missed so much! The gang has grown since we've all had babies.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love this little guy!

He found the swim cap from Devin's triathalon.

I love my little chunkers so much. He is always making me laugh. I am so grateful to have him in my life, what a blessing!

Dickson Family Wild Rivers Day!

Every summer Devin's parents take the family to Wild Rivers. It was fun to be with the family and go on rides with my nieces and nephews. Grandpa took Colton in the lazy river and he didn't want to get out! I think my favorite part of the day was eating dip n' dots!

Devin's First Sprint Triathalon

I am so proud of Devin and how well he did at the Camp Pendelton Sprint Triathalon. His best ranking time was the swim portion but he did very well on the bike as well. My cousin Amy's husband Tyler also competed and a friend that's in our ward, that Devin often bikes with, Aaron raced too. It was cool to see an event like this...I think there will be many more to come. I would love to race in one too!

13 Months

Oh Colton, books are for reading, not for chewing.
On August 2nd Colton turned 13 months old. He has been loving pool time. He gets so excited and kicks with excitement in the water. When I try to feed him each meal he just pushes (actually hits) the spoon away. So I learned that as long as he's distracted with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while he eats, I can get his whole meal down quickly. I'm not a fan of him watching t.v. but cutting feeding time in half is worth 10 minutes of it. He is so intrigued by touch/feel books and loves being read to.

Stout Wild Rivers Night!

I grew up coming to Wild Rivers with my Stout cousins. We'd come on the Monday Night Carload deal and so it was fun to do it even though we're grown up now. To watch Colton was entertaining. My grandparents took him on the lazy river and he loved the area where water was shooting out from every which-way. You know he had a good time when it's time to go and his feet look like prunes.

La Jolla and Corona Del Mar

Asleep on the way home from La Jolla
Playing with Grandpa at Corona Del Mar On July 24th we started the day with a drive to La Jolla for Devin's grandpa's birthday party. Then we drove to Corona Del Mar for a Stout get-together at the beach. My dad was playing with Colton in the water and he loved it. He kept waving his arms and screaming with excitement everytime a wave came.