Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

Soooo in love!

Basically I'm obsessed with her cheeks, lips, and beautiful eyes!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Singing Time

At church in the nursery they have singing time. Colton is so adorable as they sing songs with the coordinating props. I am so in love with my wild little Colton. I love to kiss his cheeks. I love it even more when he gives me kisses. (I usually have to ask for them and he usually gives in) I love to play with his curls and I can't get enough of his blue eyes. He is an energetic little guy and I'm awaiting the day we won't have a communication barrier. (when he learns to talk) He loves the outdoors-especially playing in the water and sand.

Beach Day with Devon & Whitney

My brother & sister-in-law came to town and it was so fun to hang out with them! We went to the beach so the boys could get in a surf session and Colton enjoyed playing in the sand.

Brekyn at about 2 weeks old

Colton's body language cracks me up in the 2nd picture. He shows very little interest in Brekyn and pays no attention to her.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My little angel

My cousin Amy took some adorable pictures of Brekyn when she was just a couple weeks old. I am so in love with this little angel. There is nothing sweeter than a newborn. I don't think any mother smothers their child with kisses as much as I do!
I'm so grateful for all the love and support we have received from family and friends through this joyful time. I appreciate everyone that helped me with Colton since I wasn't able to lift him for 6 weeks after the C-Section. I don't think we thought that one through completely. I think for our next child we will wait until Brekyn is out of a crib so we don't have that worry. Colton has been adjusting better than I thought he would. I was a little worried that he'd try to hit her or something but he's not very interested in her and doesn't pay her much attention. I don't think he quite gets it yet. But he does give her kisses because he like the attention we give him when he does it. Regardless of why he does it, it's so adorable!