Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ice cream date with Grandma!

Grandma Laurel, or as Colton calls her, "Grandma Raurel" treated us to ice cream last week.  Cousin Fletcher and Aunt Kiki joined us also.  Colton somehow conned Laurel into giving him her ice cream too, so he was in heaven!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Palm Springs with the Dickson family

The weekend of the 15th we went down to Palm Springs with Devin's side of the family for some quality time with them in the sun.  The first day was at Soak City and the second day we hung out at the water park at out hotel.  The hotel had watersides, a lazy river, a splash pad, pools, and a mini beach area.  Devin and I actually got to relax and lay down as we watched Colton and Brekyn play in the sand.  Whenever they got bored, we'd take them for a few laps on the lazy river in our water tubes. 

September 1st-13th

 Taking her time as she eats a chocolate cupcake to celebrate Dane & Dustin's birthday!

 This girl is not afraid of the water.  She will wade in the water waste deep no problem.

 Spending some quality time with my parents before they left to Korea.

Just your average park day.  Full of smiles!

Family Time

At the beginning of the month we spent some time as a family at a nearby theme park.  The kids had fun running around and going on rides.

August Part 2

 Tanner and Kyle both had their farewell talks in church as they both left in September to serve as missionaries for the LDS church.

Brekyn playing with her dress ups for the first time.  Apparently she's not a big fan of fairy wings. 

Colton absolutely loves to help me out in the kitchen.

Brekyn is very animated and her facial expressions are constantly making me laugh. 

 Goodbye binky!  She has fallen off the wagon a few times but this time she is done for good!

Devin is always thinking of new ways to entertain the kids.


We joined the Rex's for a barbecue at the Rosell's.  Carly and Colton holding hands and kissing was such a tender moment.

Hawaii Day 7

Our final full day was spent at the beautiful Lanikai beach.  After we put the kids to bed, we left for dinner in Honolulu to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary.  On Day 8 we flew home to California.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hawaii Day 6

On the 6th day a few of my girlfriends from the North shore came to our beach rental in Kailua with their kids for a swim.  I was so proud of Colton for utilizing the skills he learned in his swim lessons when he swam to me!  He kept telling me to "Get back!"  so he'd have more space between us to swim to me.  Such a brave little guy!  Later in the evening, Devin stayed home with the sleeping kids while I joined my family for dinner at Haleiwa Joe's in Kaneohe.  The view from the restaurant is breathtaking!