Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

We met up at Coastal Peak park with a group of friends from church a couple weeks ago. We had an Easter egg hunt and a potluck dinner. Colton was one fast egg hunter. Brekyn enjoyed playing with his empty eggs after he ate the candy out of them. Unfortunately, Devin couldn't make it because he was at his GMAT prep class.

In their pj's

I am feeling very blessed to have this boy and girl in particular as my children. I love them more than words can describe. Motherhood is harder than I had imagined. Moments of triumph, moments of defeat. However difficult tantrums and teething can be, the good moments outweigh the rough times 100 fold. I know I will miss this stage, even though I don't know how I could ever miss having 2 kids in diapers. I definitely put the "mother" in smother. I probably kiss all those cute cheeks hundreds of times a day. I love to snuggle these cuties in their pj's!