Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bubble Toes

Last week I painted Brekyns bubbly toes for the first time. Her chubby toes look so precious with the pink nail polish on them. I can't wait until she's old enough for mommy-daughter pedicures.

Sky High Trampoline

Brekyn cheered for Colton on the sidelines.

We made a recent discovery just a few miles away from us. A trampoline sports place and Colton loves it. He is a natural jumper and was non-stop for two full hours until he was finally distracted by the candy vending machines.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Biker Boy

Hmmm...black or red?

Two and a half

Knott's Berry Farm

For Christmas Devin's parents gave us season passes to Knott's. Colton loved all the rides and enjoyed the short lines in comparison to the disneyland lines. We are looking forward to going there for date nights in the future.

Brekyn at 8 months

On Christmas Day Brekyn turned 8 months old. She has been an abundance of drool and smiles. She is still army crawling and now takes baths sitting by herself. She is a face grabber and a total mommy's girl. Which is only fair since Colton is a daddy's boy.

The lake house

We spent a few of the days we were in North Carolina at Whitney's family lake house. Colton loved the huge playroom and the hammock. He found a lizard in the playroom one day and we have a funny video of him bringing it outside and then the lizard giving his hand a little bite.

Meeting Reese

We flew to North Carolina to meet my brother Devon's newborn daughter Reese.
She is absolutely adorable. She and Brekyn were so cute in their matching outfits.

Ready or not...

Here we come.
Our flight to North Carolina was not his first. He has flown 4 times previously, but this was his first flight as a 2 and a 1/2 year old.
Colton was so cute with his Lightening McQueen roller bag in tow. It contained all his snacks, toys, and coloring books to keep him occupied on the plane.

Christmas Day

This was the best Christmas ever! Having 2 cute little kids to snuggle in their pajamas is priceless. When the kids woke up they went downstairs to see what Santa brought them. Then we headed to the Dickson's where we exchanged gifts and ate a delicious breakfast my sister-in-law Natalie prepared. After breakfast we went back to my parents house. My mom made the traditional chocolate waffle breakfast and Colton was in heaven. Then we opened presents! Later in the evening we had a big family dinner.