Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day Devin had a few surprises up his sleeve. (I had some of my own) In the morning he surprised me with a dozen red and pink roses. And I sang a song that I wrote for him. After we got out of school and work he surprised me with dinner at Lei Lei's at the Turtle Bay Resort. We had coconut shrimp for an appetizer, I had filet mignon for my main dish and Devin had a rack of ribs. For dessert we had a hot fudge sundae with chocolate chip cookies in it. It was delicious! Then we walked down to the beach for the sunset. It was a perfect day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

LA Galaxy Game

Last week Devin and I went to see the LA Galaxy soccer team play at the Aloha Stadium. We both were most interested in seeing David Beckham play. He was an amazing player and clearly the best on the team. He made it look so easy. Of course I'd win if we played a game against each other, but I give him props because it'd definitely be a close call. It was fun to be with our friends and spit some seeds. The best part of the night was when we saw David Beckham after the game. We saw him walking towards his bus (of course he was the last player on the team to get on) and I ended up getting his autograph and his picture and a video of him signing his autograph for me. In the video I tell him "good game" and he looks up at me and says..."thank you". Good times!

Lights, Camera, Action!

On Thursday night I was a guest star on the hit television show LOST! Okay, so maybe I was just an extra, but they wanted me to be the new Kate. I turned them down of course. I would never want to kiss Sawyer, I'm married! Anyways, the day we shot our scenes Jonna and Lindsey were there for all the fun with me. We had good food (we made a to-go order too) and we got to see Jack and Kate for the courtroom scene. We are the extras in the gallery. I actually got in trouble one of the days on set in the courtroom. I got caught taking a picture of Jack with my camera phone. They made an announcement how it wasn't allowed and then came up to me and called me out. I was so embarrased, but atleast I have a picture of Jack on my cell phone. On the way home, I was driving with Lindsey in the passenger seat and Jonna was laying in the back seat. She was out of it and fell in a deep sleep and didn't even wake up to Lindsey scream/shriek when a bird hit my windshield. It was hilarious!