Saturday, January 24, 2009


Surprise! We are having a baby boy! I am already in the second trimester in my 18th week of pregnancy. The morning sickness just started to fade within the last 2 weeks, which is the reason for the previous 2 month blog hiatus. I am not going to lie, it was rough. Nausea and vomiting everyday is not fun. I am so grateful to be pregnant and Devin and I are SO excited to have a son!

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning was spent with the entire Dickson clan. It was so fun to watch our cute nieces and nephews open their presents. I wasn't feeling very well but I wore some sea bands to try to relieve the nausea. We went to the Glassman house for breakfast and to open presents with Tanner. With Cameron serving a mission, and Devon and Whitney in Utah, the house seemed so empty.

Christmas Eve and Holiday Parties!

Tawny's Christmas Party
Becky, Me, Tawny, Jessica
Kim's Christmas Party
Cousins! Tiffany, Me, Amy, Janae, Kim
Christmas Eve
My parents came to visit the Dickson's party

Dickson Christmas Eve

Devin & our niece Callie

When we got home from Hawaii, we didn't have much time to rest with the holiday season coming up. We had alot of Christmas parties to attend. To start, Becky treated me, Tawny, and Jessica to a dinner at the Summit House for some quality girls time as our Christmas gift. A couple days later we had a Christmas party at Kim's house with some cousins and our husbands. The next day was Tawny's Christmas party. Then we had Christmas Eve which I was sick for and missed the Stout Christmas Eve party. We stayed at Devin's parent's house for their party and I wasn't feeling well but managed to hang out for a while. Our neices and nephews acted out the nativity scene and it was so adorable. We love our family and friends! We missed Whitney & Devin in Utah and we were supposed to visit them the day after Christmas in Utah but I was sick. We also missed seeing Meg and Corbin (+Indie) in Park City.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Aloha Oe...Farewell Hawaii Friends!

Where do I begin? We moved to Hawaii in August of 2007 for Devin to go to BYU-H. The last thing we expected was to leave with the most amazing friends in the world. Sure, we'll miss the weather, the beach, the lifestyle...but nothing will compare to how much we will miss our friends. There were 6 couples that we loved to hang out with. They are the most fun, awesome, crazy, hilarious, generous, and nicest people we have ever met and it was so hard to leave Hawaii mainly because of them. About a week before flying home they threw us and "Aloha Oe" party, which is a Hawaiian farewell party. It was a surprise party so of course I happened to be wearing sweats and my ugg boots. Meg had put together a slideshow dvd that we all watched on a projector and they all went in on a photo book for us. We had dinner and played our favorite games. It was the nicest thing ever and we felt so loved.
Our fabulous friends:
Jackie & Chris
Meg & Corbin
Anna & Zane
Dan & Jonna
Lindsey & Seth
Katie & Brent
We love you guys and miss you soooo much!
Those 6 girls are the most amazing people in the world and I feel so blessed to have gotten to know them. Thank you all for being such good true friends to me and I hope I can be more like you all. I will miss the craft nights, the "desperate housewives" surf sessions, game room nights, barbeques, all day beach hangouts, watching "the office" and "the bachelor", soccer, and all of the other fun stuff we did!

Happy To Graduate.

I think grandma Dickson is trying to throw the shaka in this picture below.

On December 13th, the day after Devin's 25th birthday, he graduated from Brigham Young University of Hawaii. Devin's grandparents, parents, and all of his brothers and sisters came out for the occasion. My parents and Tanner came too and we were so excited to see them all since our last trip home was in April. Elder Eyring spoke at the ceremony and we cheered the loudest by far when Devin was handed his diploma. Devin got to graduate with one of his best friends, Travis Breneman, along with his wife Erin. With much hard work he graduated with a degree in International Business Management. We flew back home on December 17th and enjoyed being with family for the holidays.
To catch everyone up on November and early December...we enjoyed Thanksgiving at Jackie's house with all our friends and my brother Devin and his beautiful wife, Whitney, spent that week with us as well. We hadn't seen them since last January when they were wed so it was a delight to spend time with them.