Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Belly Shot!

Today I got another ultrasound, it was so exciting! They confirmed once again that we are having a baby boy. He was so cute and he seriously had Devin's lips in his profile shot. Our baby is so photogenic, he was moving around perfectly for the ultrasound pics. Besides his cute little face, my favorite was seeing him open up his mouth and watching his cute legs with his cute little feet kicking around. I know I've said cute about 50 times, but seeing his little body in the pictures, I can't help but say was the cutest thing! I am so excited to be a mom! Our little guy on the way has been kicking me like crazy! He just makes me laugh! I can't imagine when he grows even bigger in my tummy!

So here are a couple belly shots. I feel alot bigger than I am. Devin jokes that I already act like I'm 9 months pregnant...boy is he in for a shocker!