Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stout Easter Gathering!

Girl Cousins!


The day before Easter we got together with my mom's side of the family for an Easter party at Craig park. Colton was adorable during the Easter egg hunt. He kept opening the eggs and letting the candy fall out before putting it in his basket. Thank goodness he doesn't recognize candy yet.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

6 days left!!!

That's right ladies and gentlemen...less than 1 week left before we meet our sweet baby girl. Even though I've done this before, having an addition to our family soon is still so surreal. I'm ready to have her and beyond ready to not be pregnant anymore. I just remember being so anxious to have Colton but then realizing I should have enjoyed my last nights of good sleep! I've been feeling so worn out from Colton's high energy and I wish I could keep up with him. I worry how he will react to the baby, he has absolutely no clue that I'm having a baby. The baby name front runner is still Rylie Jane. My weight is up to 136 lbs. and I feel gigantic! I feel like a t-rex because my arms reach is very limited. Add the huge belly on top of being short and it's hard to reach anything! Devin is way more anxious than I am about the baby's arrival. I don't think the reality of a 2nd child has really hit either of us just yet.

Colton cuteness

I blogged previously including pics of Colton when I've come to his room in the morning to get him out of his crib. I have found him with his pj's half off, all the way off, and with an arm sticking out several times...but this was a first! I'm not sure how he figured out how to get his shirt like that but it was too funny not to take a picture. (He was still sleepy and not excited about the camera in his face.) Lately I've been giving him alot of bath time-it keeps the house clean since he's not running around destroying the place and he loves to play in there.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pregnancy Update

While I was at the park with Colton and some friends recently, a random little boy came up to me and tried to pull up my shirt. He asked me...

"Is that a balloon in there?"

3 Weeks and 1 day until my scheduled C-Section on April 25th. My obgyn said I will be spending 3 nights in the hospital. I'm feeling very excited to meet our little girl. It doesn't feel real yet. My weight is at 133 lbs. and I'm hoping I've plateaued because I weighed 134 lbs. at the very end of my pregnancy last time. However, I can't seem to say no to any food so I'm expecting atleast a few more lbs. We still haven't decided on a baby name for sure yet. Ryley Jane is the front runner since we can't seem to agree on anything else. Devin likes Haley and Kira and I like Dakota. This pregnancy has been a little easier than with Colton. First off, I had the "happy pill"-Zofran- to help me hold down food and instead of losing 8-10 lbs. in the first trimester like I did with Colton, I actually gained a pound. I vomited atleast 70% less with the pill and although I still felt sick, it provided some relief and made it bearable. I haven't had to deal with heartburn like with Colton. Since Colton has kept me so active this pregnancy, I haven't been so achy. Sleeping just reached it's super uncomfortable point this past week.