Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Colton was Simba for Halloween. We even let him have a couple pieces of his Halloween candy. He loves licorice and dum dum suckers. We celebrated at the Dicksons with our traditional Halloween dinner of chilli dogs and had carmel apples for dessert.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bieber Fever!!!

A few weeks ago I went with a some cousins to the Justin Bieber concert at the Honda Center. I have never been in a crowd so loud with all those screaming girls...okay...maybe I was one of them. It was a lot of fun. My only complaint is that he lip syncs half of his songs. Sean Kingston opened for him and Jayden Smith performed with him. It was a fun concert! It definitely brought out my inner tween! Thanks for inviting me Kim!

Shakira! Shakira!

Amy invited me to join her for the Shakira concert at the Honda Center. She was absolutely incredible-her voice...flawless, her sexy! She made me leave feeling fat and pregnant. I was really impressed by her live performance. There was no lip syncing and she was so endearing. I love her new single "Loca"!

My Baby!

Colton is starting to look less like a baby and more like a little boy. Most of me wants him to stop growing. I love doing things that make him laugh. When I make our bed each morning it always turn's into playing hide-and-seek under pillows and around the bedsides. He giggles and screams and runs to a different spot when I find him. It is so adorable and entertaining. He has been speaking alot of jibberish lately and he has such a cute voice.

July Family Photos

It's taken me forever to post these. My cousin Amy took some great family photos. Colton was pretty cooperative for his age. I'm so grateful for eternal families.

Our 4 Year Anniversary!

August 26th was a very special anniversary. We were in Hawaii and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants on the beach. I also took a pregnancy test that morning and it was positive.

Glassman Hawaii Vacation

Pali Jump (above)
Sandy's Beach (above & below)
Matsumoto's Shaved Ice (below)
Waimea (below)
Pali Jump (below)

My parents took the family (and Cameron's friend Dick) to Hawaii. Unfortunately, my brother Devon was starting law school so he and his wife Whitney weren't able to join us. We missed you guys! We had a lot of fun with the family and enjoyed hikes, snorkeling, and beach time! This was Colton's roughest flight got much more difficult since he was walking and not old enough for a mini dvd player to distract him. It was really hard on us and I think that age is the hardest to fly with! We got to see dear friends on the North Shore that we've missed so much! The gang has grown since we've all had babies.