Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love this little guy!

He found the swim cap from Devin's triathalon.

I love my little chunkers so much. He is always making me laugh. I am so grateful to have him in my life, what a blessing!

Dickson Family Wild Rivers Day!

Every summer Devin's parents take the family to Wild Rivers. It was fun to be with the family and go on rides with my nieces and nephews. Grandpa took Colton in the lazy river and he didn't want to get out! I think my favorite part of the day was eating dip n' dots!

Devin's First Sprint Triathalon

I am so proud of Devin and how well he did at the Camp Pendelton Sprint Triathalon. His best ranking time was the swim portion but he did very well on the bike as well. My cousin Amy's husband Tyler also competed and a friend that's in our ward, that Devin often bikes with, Aaron raced too. It was cool to see an event like this...I think there will be many more to come. I would love to race in one too!

13 Months

Oh Colton, books are for reading, not for chewing.
On August 2nd Colton turned 13 months old. He has been loving pool time. He gets so excited and kicks with excitement in the water. When I try to feed him each meal he just pushes (actually hits) the spoon away. So I learned that as long as he's distracted with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while he eats, I can get his whole meal down quickly. I'm not a fan of him watching t.v. but cutting feeding time in half is worth 10 minutes of it. He is so intrigued by touch/feel books and loves being read to.

Stout Wild Rivers Night!

I grew up coming to Wild Rivers with my Stout cousins. We'd come on the Monday Night Carload deal and so it was fun to do it even though we're grown up now. To watch Colton was entertaining. My grandparents took him on the lazy river and he loved the area where water was shooting out from every which-way. You know he had a good time when it's time to go and his feet look like prunes.

La Jolla and Corona Del Mar

Asleep on the way home from La Jolla
Playing with Grandpa at Corona Del Mar On July 24th we started the day with a drive to La Jolla for Devin's grandpa's birthday party. Then we drove to Corona Del Mar for a Stout get-together at the beach. My dad was playing with Colton in the water and he loved it. He kept waving his arms and screaming with excitement everytime a wave came.

T-Street Surf Sesh

Colton flirting with Phoebe.
Dallin, Colton, Dane, Phoebe
Face plant into the sand
Checking out the waves
This T-street hangout was back in July, I'm just finally playing catch-up with my blogging. I got to break-in my new wetsuit and the waves were fun. Colton loves to play in the sand and tries to eat it. It's nice to have friends that surf and we just take turns with our husbands that surf too. Good times!