Tuesday, May 18, 2010

San Onofre Surf N' Smore!

On the Friday of Mother's Day weekend, we had ourselves a "surf n' smore" at San Onofre. I got to surf with Jill, Cora, and Stephanie and it was a blast! Stephanie was kind enough to let me borrow her full suit which inspired Devin and Colton's Mother's Day gift for me...a nice and thick full wetsuit. The waves were fun and the water wasn't too cold. We roasted hot dogs and reese's smores. A perfect night...friends, food, and surfing!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Colton's 10 Month Stats!

I was a month late for his 9 months check-up, so we went for a 10 month check-up.
28 3/4 inches- 50th percentile
22 lbs 8 oz- 75th percentile
Colton started crawling at nine and a half months.
He immediately started pulling himself up to stand from there and now he is getting into everything.
This has to be my favorite age because Colton's personality has been developing more.
He is so funny and entertaining.
He claps all the time.
He waves hi.
He gives kisses. (More of a lean in for them.)
When I hear him in his room in the morning, he is usually standing and holding onto the crib when I come in.

Devin's New Job!

Devin started his new job at Citibank this past Monday. He is a Business Development Officer. (Congrats Babe! I'm so proud of you!!!)
He had a week off between jobs so we decided to spend our time wisely and fly to Hawaii!

Hawaii Vacation

We enjoyed last week in Hawaii. We stayed with friends and had a blast. It's nice having friends in Hawaii because who gets to go on vacation and have their best friends all there too? I happened to be there for Meg's baby shower as well. Devin got lucky and caught a swell so he got to surf some good waves like the old days. Colton loved hanging at the beach, trying to eat sand and play in the warm water.