Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hawaiian Halloween

We had such a fun time at Jackie's Halloween party. She went all out and had awesome decorations and everyone brought spooky treats and snacks. Devin and I dressed up as Hippies/70s people. Mom, did you ever imagine seeing me wear high-waisted pants? There's a first time for everything! I usually wear my pants super low for those of you that don't know me too well. Anna and Zane let us borrow their 70's clothes. They have boxes full because they sell vintage clothing. If you are interested in buying some you can contact her through their blog. We ended the night at Jackie's watching a scary movie on her projector. We all layed on their half pipe as it projected on the side of the house. About halfway through it started to rain so we had to migrate into the house to watch it. As fun as it was, I really missed being home with our nieces and nephews as they trick-or-treat in their cute costumes.
My 5 favorite Halloween memories are:
1. From the years when my younger brother Cameron and I would roller blade house to house to get as much candy as possible. We would fill pillowcases of candy! We would usually end up at my grandma's house afterwards and drink hot chocolate and trade candy.
2. When I was a devil for Halloween 2 years, possibly 3, because I absolutely loved the costume. I'm sure I worried my mom!
3. When my mom bought me two really nice quality costumes for Halloween. One was Cinderella looking and the other was a pink waitress costume. I bet she still has them in the coat closet.
4. Pumpkin carving was always so fun with my family and my mom would cook the pumpkin seeds. They are so delicious!
5. My favorite is when Halloween was on Sunday one year...of course it really sucked that we didn't get to go trick-or-treating, but my parents had bought this "spooky" soundtrack. My brothers and I listened to it really loud and when tracks would play we would react to them. For example, there is a track where a patient is being tortured by a scary dentist or something. And the patient is yelling and writhing in pain and we would fall to the ground pretending to be in pain too. Where did my parent's get that c.d. and what were they thinking?