Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Dickson

A couple weekends ago we went to visit Devin's grandparents in La Jolla. They live right across the street from the beach and across from the main tourist attraction in the city...the sea lions. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed hanging out with them. Colton loves dogs and would not stop crawling after them whenever one was in sight. The baby sea lions were adorable!

Danielle's Bachelorette Party!

Little Danielley is all grown up and getting married! She is so beautiful and I'm so excited for her and Greg! Amy planned a fun night that started with dinner at Chomps Sushi in Downtown Fullerton and then we sang Karaoke at this awesome Korean place in La Habra. They gave us a V.I.P. room and we took advantage of the props they had, especially the wigs! After karaoke, we went back to Amy's and Danielle open up all her lingerie gifts and we had brownie ice cream sundaes. It was quite the party!

Memorial Day

"Look at me, I'm learning how to stand...not quite stable yet..."
"Dad, you're getting in the way of my flag waving fun!"
"Mom, a little space please...trying to eat this yummy watermelon."

We had a great Memorial Day a few weeks ago. We went swimming and had a bbq with the Dicksons. Colton loves to be in the swimming pool and loves to kick! Later that night we had a bonfire in their backyard and had Reeses smores and played Mafia. Lots of laughs, delicous food, great family...couldn't ask for more on a Monday.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Colton at 11 Months!

My sweet Colton is getting so big. He is so adorable with how obedient he is when I ask him for kisses. It's so endearing. Devin says we need to teach him to give kisses with his mouth shut, but I will take what I can get. Colton is standing on his own now but not yet walking. He loves to eat veggie straws and bananas. As soon as he's done eating he starts taking food out of his mouth and throwing it. That's how I know he's full. He repeats "uh-oh", "no", and "dada". We are working on "mama". He has discovered bathrooms and the art of unrolling all of the toilet paper. As a result, bathroom doors remain shut at all times. He loves the pool and to climb stairs. He loves it when you hold his hands and let him walk down the stairs. He is never quiet, he's very outgoing and talkative. He has four teeth on top and four on bottom, and he's got a few more teeth budding through now...teething has not been a fun experience. He still loves his bouncer and his ball bopper and enjoys watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Devin says "Just say he's pretty much awesome!" I can't believe our little guy is almost 1 year old!

A few cute things...

Colton loves to pull on all the door stoppers in our home over and over.
When the guys with the leaf blowers are outside Colton likes to peek out at them. He was too cute on his little tiptoes!
I thought it was so cute that he was too cool to use his hands to hold the bottle. He wanted to hold it with style!