Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Thomanders!

Can you tell Indie was happy to see us?

Today was AWESOME because we got to hang out with Meg, Corbin, and Indie! They are some of our best friends from Hawaii and we MISS them! We've had so many good times with them surfing, playing cards, sleepovers and barbeques. Awwwww, we LOVE you guys!

My messy eater!

This was a particularly messy eating session. Colton kept trying to grab onto the bowl and spoon. He also kept putting his hand in his mouth and wiping the rice cereal all over his face. It was too funny!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My little cuddle bug!

I love waking up to this smiling face! I kiss his cheeks about a thousand times each morning!

I hate tummy time!

My little chunkers is not a fan of tummy time...still!

Devin's 26th Birthday and Hanukkah

Saturday was Devin's Birthday! We went to hanukkah in the afternoon and then at night we watched the UFC fight with a few friends. My Aunt Shelley got Devin an amazing cake with surfboards on it! On Sunday we spoke in our new ward so we had quite a busy weekend.

5 months!

On Dec. 2nd Colton turned 5 months old! My little chunkers is such a joy to be around! I love him soooo much. He's been pretty good considering the fact that he is teething. Yep! He's already got one of his bottom teeth popping in and I can see two big ole' front teeth that want to come though too. He is just so precious and we love him so much!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


We went to Devin's parents house for Thanksgiving this year. Dinner was delicious and I ate myself into a coma. Colton enjoyed playing with his cute cousin Kyla. Later that night we went over to the Glassman Thanksgiving dinner with my Dad's side of the family. We had a great time spending the holiday with our loved ones.

We Moved!

Devon and I had a chocolate frosting fight...he got a ton in my hair!

Colton has so much fun with his Auntie and Uncle!
Colton helping us move and load up boxes.
Thanksgiving weekend we moved to Irvine! We love our new place, it's very spacious and clean feeling! We had a lot of help from our family with the move. After the move we hung out in the spa at our complex. That night we went to see The Blindside with my family. The night before that we saw New Moon together! So fun! It was awesome having Devon and Whitney in town for the weekend! We missed them and Colton loves them sooo much!