Monday, February 27, 2012

Girls Surf Trip! Woohoooooo!

It's official.
My besties from Hawaii are flying here for a surf trip.
Coming this June.
Can't wait!!!!!!
Malibu, San Onofre, and then to Mexico.
So excited.
I wanna scream.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lucky #7

Valentine's Day 2012 marked the 7th that we have celebrated together. What a special day it was! For starters, my parents let us drop the kids off in the afternoon and let them spend the night. So we had a child-free evening and morning. We went out for dinner and a movie that night. So grateful that I had Devin for a Valentine.

Nightly Routine

Dinner time.
Bath time.

Kisses for sister.

The nightly routine can be exhausting at times. Dinner can tend to be quite messy and the bath can lead to water splashed everywhere. However, before we brush their teeth and read to them, there's nothing better than to snuggle and tickle two cute clean kiddos in nothing but their diapers.


Brekyn is full of giggles on the swing.

Mommy's girl

I can't resist smothering her with kisses. It's a problem.

Little Buds!

Colton pulled a robbery!

This was the first time Colton thought to steal her binky. Now he notices it gets her attention and he's been doing it more frequently. Poor girl, I can empathize with her since I grew up with an older brother.


I met up with some friends at the Back Bay Interpretive Center last week. Colton loved the shark tank and the reptile and amphibian terrariums. They also had a room filled with puppets, puzzles, and books. It's free to get in and free parking.

Standing tall

In the last week or two Brekyn has gone from crawling to pulling herself up on everything.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brekyn's 9 months stats!

She is holding Colton's toy snake (above)
She climbed into our tray (below)
Weight: 19.6 pounds
Height: 27.5 inches
Head circumference: 45.5

Another day at Knott's

When we got on the train Colton wanted his own row to himself. I tried to sit with him but he pointed across the aisle to direct me where Devin & Brekyn were sitting and said "Monny!" (He calls me Monny, instead of Mommy) He did let Brekyn sit with him for a little while though. Colton kept raising his arm and pulling down shouting "Choo Choooooo!"
Aww, I don't think there's anything I love more than my children's big smiles!
On Saturday we went to Knott's again. I don't think I can ever go back to Disneyland passes after getting Knott's passes. It wasn't too crowded...on a Saturday!!! We thought we'd try our passes out on a weekend and the lines for the kids rides were shorter than usual. AMAZING!!! I also love that there aren't blackout days for Knott's. Disneyland passes are blacked out all summer and on weekends. He's not a very patient 2.5 year old so the short wait in lines here are greatly appreciated!

Ferry to Balboa fun zone

Lyndsay and I took the kids on the ferry to the balboa fun zone. The boys played on the beach playground and then we got lunch. There were ladybugs everywhere on the beach. It was such a warm day!

First Beach Day of 2012...

The weather was perfect last week. We had the first beach days of many to come in 2012. We met up with some friends from church at Balboa Island. My mom and my cousins Amy and Kim also joined us. From the beach we walked to get doughnuts and balboa bars. Colton gets so excited in the doughnut shop. He runs around and points to everything while shouting.