Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Devin Got A Boo Boo

Devin was surfing and while tumbling in the water his board's fin hit his ankle. The lifeguard told him he definitely needed stitches because it was so deep. So we headed to a ghetto hospital close by. Devin has never gotten stitches and when they told him he was getting staples instead of stitches he was surprised. The doctor was pretty funny...with a pot belly and missing half of his teeth. He told Devin that he would need to go to the doctors in a week to get the staples out. He hinted that if we wanted to, we could pull them out ourselves to save us a trip to the doctors office again. So, as you can see in Devin's right hand, he is holding the staple remover that the doctor gave us to take home. (In his left hand he is holding the stapler that the doctor used...he let us have it too) So in about a week, if it's healed up, I'll be pulling 3 staples out of Devin. CRAZY!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ride the Wild Surf

On Friday night we got together with a bunch of friends and had a barbeque at Jackie's place. After eating we watched the best Hollywood surf film from the 60's called "Ride the Wild Surf". We watched it on a projector in their backyard. Everyone had pillows and blankets and we layed out on their halfpipe. It was a really funny and cheesey movie! On Saturday it rained all day so we just ran some errands instead of the usual surf session. At night we went to a surf shop in Haleiwa to watch the premiere of a surf video. Afterwards we watched a surf video at Katie's house called "North Shore". Unfortunately I fell asleep because I have a cold and I was exhausted. So this weekend was all about the surf videos! Just to update everyone in 7 1/2 weeks we are headed home! Devin graduates on Dec.13th!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Food Fest!

Last night was the BYU-H food fest. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's a fundraiser for all of the clubs on campus where they sell food. The best part is that since the school is so culturally diverse, they have food from all around the world. We got food from the Korean Club and the Cambodian Club. A bunch of our friends were there and we had alot of fun hanging out with them. Earlier that day Devin and I went surfing. He surfed at Gaschambers and I surfed at Pupukea with Meg. It was not too crowded and the waves were nearly perfect!

Jonna's Baby Shower!

Jonna's Baby Shower was on Friday night. I was the hostess and it was my first time throwing a party for someone. Katie helped me alot too! The theme was "as cute as a button" and the color scheme was orange, yellow, and pink. We hung pom poms above the table and on it we had buttons and the party favors, which were crush soda bottles. The tag on the soda said:
Little Baby Loveridge
"Orange" you glad she's coming soon?
Due to arrive January 7th
We played a couple fun games and had a delicious dinner. The dessert was extraordinary! There were lemon cupcakes, lemon sandwich cookies, and lemon bars and a jar of lemon head candy. Jonna looked so darn cute with her pregnant belly and I can't wait for her baby to come!

Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I was so excited today when I looked at Lindsey's blog and saw that I got "tagged" for the first time! I'm supposed to tell 6 unspectacular quirks about myself and then tag six fellow bloggers. Devin helped me think of some and we shared some laughs in the process.

1. I love playing games with friends (such as the name game, nerts, board games etc) and I tend to get overly excited. Devin says I play each game like I was competing in the olympics. So...I guess you could say I get really into games and find it very exciting!

2. I am like a child when it comes to sleeping. If you get me in the car for more than 10 minutes, I'm most likely to fall asleep. If I watch movies late at night I usually fall asleep. And if I don't get enough sleep, I get pretty sassy. I remember my dad used to not like me having sleepovers with friends because I usually came home sleep deprived and grouchy. Sorry Dad.

3. I will lip synch until the day I die. Unless I'm by myself in the car, in which case I have no problem singing out loud. I know my opinion is bias but I think I am really one of the best lip synchers ever! I started practicing at a very young age in front of the mirror. I'm sure my mom caught me a few times. I lip synch to Devin alllllll the time! The best songs to lip synch to have to be the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, the Footloose Soundtrack, and (Devin's favorite) J-Lo.

4. I take the longest showers. Anybody who has ever lived with me can testify to that. I try to go faster but I just can't for some reason. I usually wait until I run out of hot water and have pruney hands before getting out. I know this will bite me in the butt one day when I have 6 kids and they don't leave me any warm water. I should mention that one of my biggest pet peeves is cold showers...I hate them!!!

5. I have to kiss Devin before I go to bed. And not just once or twice...I have to shower his face with kisses...with him under protest. His cheeks are so cute and I have to kiss them a ton before I go to bed. I usually say "just one more" and it turns into a massacre of kisses all over again. Sorry babe, I know it gets annoying...but I know you'd miss it if it stopped!

6. I twirl my hair. It seems so valley girl, I know, but I've been doing it since I was little as I would suck my thumb. Luckily the thumb sucking habit faded. Twirling my hair is comforting though and I notice that I do it when I'm tired or bored.

All right, I tag: Whitney Glassman, Amy Pitts, Jackie Kontoes, Meg Thomander, Jonna Loveridge, and Janae Dalton!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let Me Catch Ya'll Up!

My Dad and my brother Devon have informed me that I need to update my blog...it's been quite a while, so I will catch everyone up on the past few weeks of our lives!
Two weeks ago on Friday night my Uncle Tim and Aunt Tammy treated Devin, me, and my cousin Jay that lives out here, to dinner at PF Chang's in Waikiki. It was delicious and we were so grateful!
The next day we went snorkeling with them at Shark's cove and had a lot of fun! After that we split up and Devin and I surfed and then went bowling with our friends that night. (Hence the pictures above)
The following Monday we got together again with my aunt and uncle and they treated us to dinner at a nice Seafood restaurant in Haleiwa. We had lots of laughs hanging out with them!
This past weekend we met up with Amy & Tyler (my cousin and her husband) and did the Maunawili Falls hike. It was kinda muddy so it was entertaining to watch each other slipping and sliding. After that Devin and I went shopping! I finally spent the last of my birthday money...thank you again to all the generous contributors...and then we saw two movies in the theaters> Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Eagle Eye. Then we went to Cold Stone for some ice cream...I really like the N-ergize flavor...it reminds me of Pinkberry. (but Pinkberry is way better)