Friday, May 25, 2012

Dawn & Jimmy

Dawn and Jimmy came down from Utah with their family for Easter break.  It was so fun to have them around even for only a week!  We even got out on a date night with them and went to The Cheesecake Factory and then bowling.  I have to brag that I won in bowling with my PR of 147.  I probably won't ever score close to that so I needed to make a record of it.  I love Dawn and Jimmy so much, they are definitely missed around here!

Stout Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt 2012

We met up at Craig Park for our annual Stout Easter Brunch.  Colton was excited for his 3rd Easter egg hunt of the season and he knew exactly what to expect in those plastic eggs this time! Candy!!! "Chalk-it and Tan-knee" is how he pronounces it.  He had so many eggs he needed another bucket, haha.  Like mother, like son.

San Clemente Easter Egg Hunt

We met up with some friends in San Clemente for an Easter egg hunt.  Colton is really good at hunting for eggs!  It's pretty adorable and the best part is that he gets enough candy for him and me!  Brekyn enjoyed playing with her friend Quincy and was entertained by the plastic eggs.

April 4th - Knott's Berry Farm

On April 4th I had my diaper bag packed and we were about to leave to Knott's Berry Farm.  Devin called from work saying he was going to take the rest of the day off and join us.  (I had sent him a picture to his iPhone, the first pic of the post, and he decided he had to come with us.)  We went with all the Dickson family and it was fun to have Dawn & Jimmy in town with their kids.  We took Colton on the log ride and he enjoyed it, except for the big drop.  I used the Baby Bjorn with Brekyn for about 20 minutes before I realized she was way to heavy for my back to handle.  She is quite the cute chunker!

April 3rd

April 3rd was a fun girls night out for Kiki's Birthday.  We went out to dinner at Lucille's Barbecue and saw the movie The Hunger Games.  I read the book over two years ago when Colton was a newborn, so the movie was a long wait!
Plus, I got a new iPhone, so most of my pictures are taken with it now.  I have been using instagram more than blogging.  However, I would like to continue to blog to have a family journal.