Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's a Girl!

On Monday I had my 20 week ultrasound that confirmed we are having a GIRL! We are beyond excited for our new addition to arrive. My due date is May 2nd but they schedule C-Sections for a week before the due date. I'm still not feeling 100% but this pregnancy has been significantly easier by in large part due to the miracle drug-Zofran. (aka the happy pill) With my pregnancy with Colton I was too paranoid and stressed to take any nausea medicine. I suffered for so long and vomited so much that I lost over 8 pounds in the first trimester. It was a nightmare. This time around, after suffering for about a week and not being able to take care of Colton, I knew I needed to try something. I was desperate and emotional because I knew that it was going to last for a long time like my first pregnancy. My friend Stephanie offered me a few Zofran to try it out and hold me over until my prenatal appointment where I could get a prescription. It saved my life. For about a week I had been curled in bed, eyes shut, with a barf bucket at my side, hardly holding anything down. Within 3o minutes of taking the pill, I was opening my eyes and the nausea became bearable. My body was less tense and I could relax a little bit. I still felt sick, but it was at a bearable level. I could do the minimum of atleast feeding Colton and changing diapers. It was still very difficult and I felt so helpless. Most of all it was emotional and hard not to be able to give Colton the attention I wanted to. It broke my heart. The medicine was truly a blessing and it helped so much. It was much easier to get through the worst of it since I was able to hold food down most of the time. I vomited atleast 75% less with the medicine. I'm still waiting for my normal energy to return, last time it came back around 5 1/2 months so I imagine I only have a few more weeks. Pregnancy is rough for me. I strongly dislike being pregnant. I know the end result is amazing and I have to remember to think positive. I am so excited for this baby girl, and I already have a deep love for her. We have a couple names that we are thinking of. So far the top name is Ryley Jane. We'll see!

Girls Night

We had our annual girls night Christmas party. We ate at El Torito Grill and I indulged in a virgin peach margarita...delicious!

Happy Birthday Devin!

Devin's birthday was Sunday and we celebrated at his parents house. His family came to help us party and it was a great night. The green frosting was turning everyone's mouth green. Happy Birthday to my sweetheart husband. He continues to make me smile and make me feel so loved. He's an amazing father and husband and I am so blessed to have him as my man!

Happy Hanukkah!

We celebrated Hanukkah with my dad's side of the family a couple weekends ago. Unfortunately, we were missing a few cousins that were away at school.

Need a Tissue?

Colton found a full box of tissues and emptied the whole thing. He was throwing it in the air with excitement as if it were money.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We started off Thanksgiving at the Glassman house where my mom had prepared an entire Thanksgiving feast by herself...delicious! Then we went to the Dickson house for our Round 2 feast...yum! What a great Turkey Day!