Monday, September 23, 2013

Colton's first (and hopefully last) time getting stitches! May 1st

How it happened:
I took Colton & Brekyn shopping with me at DSW.  Colton was running back and forth down the aisle and tripped and hit under his right eyebrow.  

It didn't bleed that much so I wasn't sure if it needed stitches.  So, I text a pic of the injury to Devin and he said he would definitely need them.  Urgent care sent us to Choc Hospital in Orange and they were amazing.  Devin and I were so stressed that this hospital visit would be traumatizing for Colton.  This is coming from his experience with the Dentist where he screamed and cried the whole visit.  By some miracle, Colton didn't cry once!  He was so brave!  He got 10 stitches in all and had to be strapped down with his head held in place and he was calm through the whole thing!  

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